High Level Architecture of How Multi-Agent Systems Works

Multi Agent System

Specialized agents, each tailored for specific tasks, assemble into teams within the Multi Agent System.
These teams converge into a swarm, harmonizing their efforts to accomplish a shared objective.

Multi Agent System in Healthcare

Imagine a healthcare system's dream team—that's what a Multi Agent System (MAS) is.
It's like having a group of specialized experts working together seamlessly to improve healthcare. Designed to emulate real-world systems, MAS isn't here to replace but to enhance.
MAS agents amplify the current system's capabilities, ensuring infinite availability and unmatched precision. MAS bolsters accuracy and efficiency without sidelining existing structures. Rather, they harmoniously integrate, allowing medical teams to sharpen care strategies seamlessly.
High Level Architecture

How Multi Agent Systems Work


Autonomous entity acting independently or collaboratively towards goals in an environment.


In the Multi Agent System, specialized agents, each designed for particular tasks, group together to form teams.


Various teams unite into a swarm, coordinating their actions to achieve a common objective.

Examples of Specialised AI Agents and MAS Swarm

An agent engineered for NLP operations to fetch unstructured data from URLs, PDFs, No-SQL databases and more.
A second agent which is specialized in calling external APIs to run in-house ML models.
A MAS swarm designed for automated prior authorization to ensure first submission PA success.
Optimised for First Submission PA Success

Example of MAS Swarm at work

Prior Authorization PANEL - Automated Prior Authorization & Denial Reduction